30 May 2011

We’re sure many of you have dreamt of becoming heroes at least once in your lifetime before. Now what if we tell you we’re offering you a chance to be a hero without the need to wear any of those flashy, skin-tight costumes? Join Alex Au Yong in his pursuit of changing the lives of the underprivileged kids in the XtraMile Run and you too, can become an instant hero today!

Alex’s mission is to run a challenging 100KMs across Klang Valley to raise funds which will help support the ambitions and dreams of the children of StArt Society. StArt Society is an academy that provides art classes to the underprivileged youths. Through the use of music, drama, speech, writing and more, StArt Society aims to help the youths unlock and express their love for the arts and we are giving our full support!

Now, how do you sign yourself up to be a hero? There are TWO (2) ways how you can get actively involved for this good cause:
Option 1
You can pledge a donation of RM 10 or more and you will get a hand-made lantern specially made by the kids at StArt. For donation of RM 40 and above, you will get a memento Xtramile Run t-shirt. You can do this directly at http://www.xtramile.info and help the unfortunate grasp their dreams little by little!


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