14 December 2011

Bahasa Ringkas

Diantara akronim (mengambil huruf pertama bagi setiap perkataan dalam satu frasa untuk membentuk satu perkataan atau singkatan), ia adalah salah satu jenis trengkas.

lol= laughing out loud
bff= best friends forever
cya= see ya
kk= ok ok/ ok cool
k= ok
y= why
4= for
2= too/to
gtg= got to go
hbu= how bout you
u= you
ttyl= talk to you later
cyl= call you later/ see you later
np= no problem
brb= be right back
nvm= nevermind
rofl= rolling on floor laughing
rotfl= rolling on the floor laughing
smh= shaking my head
idc= I don't care
hm= how much
idk= I don't know
tyvm= thank you very much
gl= good luck

kredit : Mib Maninblue


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