19 February 2012

Posted by CF Nur Farizan on February 19, 2012
The first and the more common one is duplicate posts columns. The second column looks exactly like the first one, complete with feed link and blog pager. The second column usually comes right under the first, like so:
Post 1 Post 2 Post 3 Post 1 Post 2 Post 3
This error is caused by duplicate Blog gadget. It is most likely occurred after you changed your template to a third party template.
To remove the duplicate, all you have to do is remove the extra Blog gadget. But I somehow think you already knew that. After all did you not notice there are two Blog Posts widgets in Design > Page Elements? The problem was you couldn’t remove either of them because there was no Remove button (which is normal for a Blog widget).
So how do you remove a Blog gadget then? You delete the Blog widget code in template HTML, that’s how.
  1. Go to Design > Edit HTML.
  2. DO NOT tick the  Expand Widget Templates check box.
  3. Find and delete the following line in your HTML code.
<b:widget id='Blog2' locked='false' title='Blog Posts'type='Blog'/>

  1. Click SAVE TEMPLATE button to save.
  2. You will be asked whether to keep the widget or delete it. Choose to delete by clicking DELETE WIDGETS button.
  3. Done.