11 March 2012

The 5 Principle of Touch Typing

All Fingers In Action
In touch typing all ten fingers take part.
With a bit of training even your pinkies
Will be swiftly tapping the keys.
Let’s take take the whole to the playground!

Home For Each Finger
The middle row is a home base
Where your fingers return
For the next move.
Your thumbs rest on the space bar.
From these home keys you can
Easily reach any other key with just
A short finger movement

Discover the Shortest Path
It’s time to start typing!
Type each key with the finger
That is closest it just a quick
Tap on the key and
Back to the home base.
By learning the shortest paths,
Each keypress take only a split second.

Finger Know the Way
Your fingers will automatically find the right
Keys since the correct reaches  are stored
In muscle memory. No more peeking at
The keyboard or hunting for the keys
Typing seems to happen without any effort.

There Is No Keyboard
Touch Typing does magic to your writing.
It’s almost as if the keyboard disappears
And text just flies directly
To the screen.
Typing becomes faster and easier than
Ever before and you can give full
Attention to your text 


  1. Touch typing is a popular technique for using the computer keyboard much quicker and more accurately. After you have learned to touch type you can type without looking at the keyboard using all ten fingers efficiently.

  2. wani pernah belajar cara ni tapi sampai sekarang tak mahir kat bahagian nombor2 tu. kalau kat huruf2 dah okay dah. kene praktis lagi :)

  3. Cik Wani :
    oo wani belajar online or hadir ke kuliah ..
    belajar online kena usaha lebih sikit
    sebab kita tak berdepan dengan guru yang terlatih
    apa pun usaha tangga kejayaan :)