15 May 2012

Hotlink Lowest Rates To Surf

Hotlink ~ Hotlink ~ Hotlink ~ Hotlink ~

Hotlink ~ Hotlink ~ Hotlink ~ Hotlink ~ 

With Mobile Internet, the World Wide Web is now available to you wherever, whenever. Google information, upload pictures, check and update your Facebook and Friendster - it's all easier and more fun on your mobile!

To set up your phone's web configuration, check out the PHONE SETTINGS.
Subsequent usage for Weekly Passes (except the 1 Week 5MB pass) and Monthly pass exceeding volume quota will be charged RM0.05/10kB.
Weekly Passes(except the 1 Week 5MB pass) and Monthly will be auto-renewed and you can purchase Quota Upgrade Pass for better value.

For Weekly Pass users (except the 1 Week 5MB) and Monthly pass- To conserve your volume allocation & to avoid exceeding your volume cap, we recommend that you purchase a Daily pass. If you are surfing data-intensive sites (eg. viewing videos or pictures via your mobile).


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